Image of elephants walking across the savannah

How to Start Planning Your First African Safari

By Dan Hopkins, Africa Specialist An African safari is at the top of many people’s bucket list. And for good reason. Africa is an enormously diverse continent with spectacular landscapes, unique wildlife, and intriguing cultures. It's an ideal destination for a journey of discovery and adventure. However, planning your first African safari can be a daunting... Read More
Image of Brown Bears in the River Near Brooks Falls

Five Amazing Wildlife Safaris Outside of Africa

The word “safari” is synonymous with Africa. But its spirit has spread throughout the world. Shows like Planet Earth have awakened our desire to experience animals in the wild and naturalist guides have responded with enthusiasm. So go beyond the Big Five, and seek out these five amazing wildlife safaris outside of Africa and across the... Read More
Botswana Sunset Safari

Five Unique Experiences for the African Safari Veteran

Truly, every safari is unique. The thrill of the chase, the uncertainty of what might unfold, the spectacle of watching wildlife in its purest state, it never gets old. But for the Africa veteran, there’s always that itch to take it one step further. To experience the bush from a different perspective or to see... Read More
GWOA - The Arkaba Walk 3

Why You Should Do a Great Walk of Australia

You get to the gym a few days a week. You hike on the weekends, and even go backpacking a couple of times a year. You know your way around a trail map and a campfire. So, why do a Great Walk of Australia? Why do you need to embark on a guided multi-day hiking... Read More

Which of the Great Walks of Australia Should You Do?

You know why you should go on a Great Walk of Australia, so now it's just a matter of picking one. Our first suggestion - all of them. But yeah, we realize that's probably not doable in the short term. Instead here are five journeys with very different intentions to help you narrow it down. Happy hiking!... Read More


Dense evergreen forests sweep down into the ocean, mountain peaks break through the clouds, and glacier carved islands dot the horizon. British Columbia is a magical place. Step out of your comfort zone and into an adventure in this providence of Canada where wild and wonder await. Give one of these 5 not-to-be-missed adventures in... Read More
Jake in Namibia

Five of our Favorite Namibia Travel Experiences

Evergreen Escapes founder and owner, Jake Haupert, spent a month in Africa, traveling to Namibia and Zimbabwe. Here Jake shares how Namibia first captured his imagination and reflects on his favorite Namibia travel experiences, all features of our  Ultimate Namibia Safari trip. “Magic, mojo, je ne sais quoi…” Some places have it, that intangible quality that draws travelers in, while other... Read More

Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield – Crocs & Rock Art in Australia’s North

By Stuart Jenner Darwin, Australia is at the “top end” of the country.  It takes about the same amount of time to fly from Darwin to Sydney as it does to fly from Darwin to Manila or Singapore. Darwin is remote. So why visit Darwin on an Australia vacation? There are at least three reasons:... Read More

5 Ways to Escape the Winter Blues with Summer in the Southern Hemisphere

As temperatures drop in the United States, foreshadowing the long winter to come, there is a whole half of the world that is just starting to heat up! All of Australia, most of South America, and a third of Africa are part of the Southern Hemisphere, where the summer months are December, January and February.... Read More

10-Year Anniversary – 10 Ways Seattle Has Become A Better Place To Visit

Evergreen Escapes started in Seattle, and while we now have bustling base camps in Portland and San Francisco, the Emerald City still holds a special place in our heart! We've grown up with this city and have witnessed its explosive growth. Many of our own employees have washed in with the wave of transplants, pulled into the tide by Seattle's... Read More