Wildflowers on Hurricane Ridge

This Mother’s Day, Don’t Send Your Mom Flowers. Send Her to the Wildflowers.

By Hilary Byrnes Another May, means another Mother’s Day. But this year don't settle for the same old gift. Instead of sending your mom flowers for Mother’s Day, send her to the flowers. The wildflowers of the west coast can make anyone smile, and their spring and summer blooms are just waiting for your arrival. While... Read More
Koala baby

Everything You Know About Koalas Is Wrong!

Other than kangaroos, koalas are Australia’s most iconic animal. And for good reason. They’re disarmingly cute and impressively lazy. But what do you really know about koala bears? For starters, they’re not bears at all, but marsupials, which is why you should read this post! Brush up on your koala knowledge and impress your friends... Read More

How Traveling to the Happiest Country on Earth Inspired Me to Live Like a Norwegian

By Kirsten Gardner If you’re feeling blue, a trip to Norway may cure what ails you. According to the 2017 World Happiness Report, Norway is currently home to the ‘happiest people on the planet.’ And indeed, it seems there’s little to worry about in this far north kingdom. Healthcare is universal, and though not free for... Read More
California's Central Coast - Avila Beach

Local’s Guide to California’s Central Coast

By Sarah DeBell Between San Francisco and Los Angeles, lies the heart of California. Often overshadowed by the pulse of the Bay Area or the glam of Southern California, California's Central Coast is a fairytale, a bohemian backdrop, a naturalist’s paradise. Stroll through rolling wine country, hike rugged cliffs bathed in the ocean mist, or explore... Read More

The Evolving Ecosystems of the Bay Area

By Hilary Byrnes San Francisco hosts a variety of ecosystems from wetlands to grasslands to the Bay. Given the image of cable cars and crooked streets, many visitors don't expect these natural environments in the city. But these wild hamlets create the beautiful surroundings that both locals and visitors love. The proximity of nature to urban San Francisco is... Read More
San Francisco Panorama

Four Ways to Discover the Natural Side of San Francisco

By Hilary Byrnes San Francisco is known as a tech hub with soaring housing prices. But there’s a natural side of this growing city that is ready to be explored. Here are four ways to experience the greener side of the Golden City. Take an Urban Hike From hilly climbs to coastal strolls, San Francisco... Read More
Image of elephants walking across the savannah

How to Start Planning Your First African Safari

By Dan Hopkins, Africa Specialist An African safari is at the top of many people’s bucket list. And for good reason. Africa is an enormously diverse continent with spectacular landscapes, unique wildlife, and intriguing cultures. It's an ideal destination for a journey of discovery and adventure. However, planning your first African safari can be a daunting... Read More
Image of Brown Bears in the River Near Brooks Falls

Five Amazing Wildlife Safaris Outside of Africa

The word “safari” is synonymous with Africa. But its spirit has spread throughout the world. Shows like Planet Earth have awakened our desire to experience animals in the wild and naturalist guides have responded with enthusiasm. So go beyond the Big Five, and seek out these five amazing wildlife safaris outside of Africa and across the... Read More
Botswana Sunset Safari

Five Unique Experiences for the African Safari Veteran

Truly, every safari is unique. The thrill of the chase, the uncertainty of what might unfold, the spectacle of watching wildlife in its purest state, it never gets old. But for the Africa veteran, there’s always that itch to take it one step further. To experience the bush from a different perspective or to see... Read More
GWOA - The Arkaba Walk 3

Why You Should Do a Great Walk of Australia

You get to the gym a few days a week. You hike on the weekends, and even go backpacking a couple of times a year. You know your way around a trail map and a campfire. So, why do a Great Walk of Australia? Why do you need to embark on a guided multi-day hiking... Read More