Our Process

1. Start Your Inquiry

Evergreen Escapes specializes in custom-crafted travel, expert-led small-group adventures, and transformational journeys* in unique and unforgettable places. We enjoy collaborating with our clients in a deep and meaningful way, and have developed our process to encourage personal interaction and incorporate your interests and travel style into the perfect trip.

Start by contacting us via our online Escape Questionnaire, email, or phone to schedule your Personal Escape Plan consultation. We want to get to know you and your travel style by phone, Skype or in-person at The Adventure Hub & Winery in Seattle.

*Transformational Travel Journeys are guided and self-guided adventures designed to help you embrace the call of adventure, travel with intention, and allow the unknown to drive personal or professional growth. Click here to learn more!

Elephant Tusk
mountain-biking Cape Winelands

2. Develop Your Personal Escape Plan

After our initial consultation we’ll create you a snapshot of your itinerary and you’ll decide whether to move forward!

We’ll gather some of your personal details and a non-refundable $500pp deposit that will be applied to your final trip cost. This deposit is not an extra charge, but rather a token of your commitment to the many hours we will spend developing you a Personal Escape Plan tailored to your interests, passions, timeframe, and travel style.

*Transformational travelers will now schedule their pre- and post- coaching calls. In your initial call, you will address your call to adventure, and discuss why you are traveling and what your desired outcomes are for the trip.

3. Fine-Tune the Itinerary

After we share our proposed itinerary with you, we’ll take your feedback and modify the itinerary until it’s just right. We will dig deeper into your journey and do our best to match it with travel experiences that excite and inspire you. Once we arrive at the perfect itinerary, a 25% deposit is due to confirm your trip.

*If you are on the transformational travel track, you will commence work with your coach and develop a plan to travel with intention and reach your objectives.

Victoria Falls
Okavango Delta - Botswana Camping Safari

4. Receive Your Personal Escape Pod

In the weeks leading up to your Escape, you will receive your “Personal Escape Pod” with the details of your trip, including flight and hotel confirmations, contact phone numbers, and other essential information. You’ll also receive a curated destination guide of recommended music, articles, books, and more to help you learn about and connect with the people and places you will visit!

*Transformational Travel clients will be handed our “Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Intention” to help you emotionally prepare for your upcoming journey.  

5. Make Your Escape

The planning is done and it is now time to embark, engage, and enrich your life and the communities you visit.

As your Escape Artist, we want to be sure to stoke your sense of adventure, inspire you to let go of your day-to-day, and immerse you into the experience of travel.  To that end, we will be on-call to help smooth out any unforeseen bumps along the way, or even to assist in making last-minute adjustments once you’re already on the road.

*Transformational Travel clients will be given an “Escape Journal” to encourage immersion, awareness, and introspection during their journey.

Hiking Maria Island, Summit of Mt. Maria

6. Post Journey Follow-Up

We cannot wait to hear about your Escape! We value the feedback of each and every client, and use that feedback to improve our trips, and get to know you better for your next journey!

*Transformational travelers will reconnect with their coach on a post-trip call to reflect on their experiences and to develop an action plan to incorporate realizations and changes into their everyday life.

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