My husband and I were contemplating traveling with National Geographic, but wanted to work with a local company, so we contacted Evergreen Escapes – and we are SO glad we did. The trip that Evergreen Escapes arranged for us was more than we could have ever hoped it would be. Our guides aboard the M/Y Grace were of the highest caliber. My husband and I often commented that aside from their vast knowledge, it gave us great joy to see how much they enjoyed the experiences we all shared. We learned so much, had wonderful experiences that we will never forget, and truly got the most out of our trip.

Every detail was carefully planned by Evergreen Escapes such that we always had a guide to meet us and create smooth transitions from place to place (we spent time in Quito, the Amazon and the Galapagos). Evergreen Escapes also went out of their way to arrange special touches as this trip was our honeymoon. We thought we would visit the Galapagos only once; however, we will be back and will definitely work with Evergreen Escapes to plan the trip.

Carrie C.
Ecuador & Galapagos

“Last November a good friend of mine asked me to join on a safari to Namibia with EverGreen Escapes.  She had been to a lecture about It and was hooked. I have never been so happy about saying YES to something. This has been the experience of my life. I have traveled a lot but a safari was still on my Bucket list. I had never imagined it would be this fantastic though. The service was in top. The nicest and friendliest people ever to be welcomed by every time we came home to our luxurious lodges after a trip out in the bush where we have seen tons of wild life. We saw the big five, the ugly five and the smallest five. Good food every evening and even my gluten free diet was no problem ever. The guides were  very knowledgeable and sharing it with great enthusiasm …!  These 15 days in Namibia were absolutely my best spent ever. What a great country, what a great people and wildlife…….!!! “

Désirée H.
Namibia Traveler

“It was crucial to work with a company that could help us find the right accommodations and activities to help us enjoy the sites and cultures of these countries, and it was apparent Evergreen had researched and/or traveled to these locations.  We highly recommend Evergreen Escapes and will continue to use them for all travel plans in the future.”

Patrick & Erin R.
Australia & Africa Travelers

“Contacting Evergreen Escapes was the best move I could have made!  Every suggestion made ended up being excellent.  In the Great Barrier Reef, the dolphins racing the boat as we moved from one diving spot to the next is just one of the many wonderful memories I have of that trip, thanks to the help from Evergreen Escapes.” 

Carol C.
Australia Traveler

“The team at EverGreen Escapes couldn’t have been more helpful.  Their expertise comes from their own experiences and they were able to take what we had in mind and put it into action.”

Jared & Lauren L.
Fiji Travelers

“Too often the chef who arranges the fabulous feast is not given the chance to take a bow, so, this is yours.”

Christopher L.
Costa Rica Traveler

“We only had one week for our vacation to Australia, and EverGreen Escapes planned a whirlwind but comprehensive tour of the continent for us. We saw Sydney by air and sea, visited Ayer’s Rock and the red center, and spent our last days relaxing near the Great Barrier Reef. Our hotels were lovely and our tour guides outstanding.”

Pam A.
Australia Traveler

“We really appreciated the flexibility of Evergreen Escapes when we needed to re-arrange a portion of the itinerary.  We had a most memorable trip and highly recommend Evergreen Escapes.” 

Rick & Paula H.
Australia Adventurer