Coming Soon…Evergreen X – We Bring Travel to Life.

For those looking for more than the ordinary in their travels…

For those feeling inspired to do more than escape from the daily grind…

For those wanting to feel the real power of travel…We’ve created Evergreen X.

The X represents the unknown – the mysterious power of travel, the new places that light up the senses, the little surprises and unexpected insights that inspire some unquantifiable alteration to our lives. For us, it all begins with the question: is travel an end unto itself, or is it the means to something greater?

At Evergreen X, we think outside of the box to provide the greatest ease in accessing the real value travel has to offer. We carefully choose destinations based on personal experience, and share our accumulated travel wisdom throughout your uniquely immersive journey. Impeccably designed travel is the means; the end is helping you tap into the transformational power of travel to have experiences that will resonate well beyond your return.

What is Transformational Travel?

Transformational Travel (or TT) is defined by the Transformational Travel Council as “any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life.” Transformational Travel is not limited to any specific destination or experience, but is rather an approach, a mindset, and an ethos. It’s a commitment to embarking with intention, embracing the call to adventure, and returning with the promise to put your insights into action.

At Evergreen X, we can’t guarantee a transformational experience. Instead, we see ourselves as a partner and a guide to help you find meaning in your journey and inspire personal growth. That collaboration begins well before we dream up an itinerary and lasts long after your jetlag fades. We’re in it for the long haul, and the more we get to know you, the better we can surprise, delight, and challenge you in your adventures.

Transformational travel is for the traveler who wants the most out of their travel experiences.

How we spark transformation

Not everyone is seeking a major shift in their life, and that’s fine with us! Transformation can mean opening yourself up to new ideas or hobbies, connecting with other cultures, or becoming more socially or environmentally conscious in your everyday life. It’s up to you how far you want to go, and we’ll be there to encourage you along the path.

From Joseph Campbell to Pico Ayer, we’ve studied the sages and seers that formed the groundwork of the TT movement and have used their wisdom to design our own canon of tools, resources, and approaches to spur transformation.

Personalized Journeys

Finding meaning and achieving change are inherently personal actions. We all see the world in different ways and process our experiences through a distinct lens. Our trips are as unique as you – crafted to invoke your sense of wonder and designed to push you just enough to send you home with a story.

Every expedition begins with the question – why? Why do you want to travel? What do you hope to get out of your adventure? And how can we plan an odyssey that will help you attain your goals? We’ll reexamine these intentions and measure your progress throughout the travel process and after your return home.

Hero’s Journal

We send every guest equipped with a Hero’s Journal to capture their memories, insights, and epiphanies along the road. Its prompts and questions help put you into “HERO” mode to send you wandering with Humility, Engagement, Resolve, and Openness. A journal, like your journey, is a distillation of you. Let it be full of whimsy, wild, fearlessness, appreciation, boredom, joy, sadness, awe, frustration, gratitude, and everything else that it is to be alive.

Calls to Adventure

Incorporated into your itinerary, our “calls to adventure” uncover the natural, cultural, and historical context of your destination and challenge you to think, act, and explore your surroundings. It’s our way of giving you that extra boost out of your comfort zone, that little voice calling you to travel deeper. Calls to Adventure are optional activities, tailored to your trip, so skip them if you’re not feeling it, but we think you’re up to the task!

Ready to bring your travel to life? Contact us and let’s chat about your next journey!