What is transformational travel?

At Evergreen Escapes, we believe that adventure travel is transformative by nature. It challenges your perceptions and abilities, removes you from your comfort zone, and pushes you to reach a higher self. Transformational travel is an embrace of this ethos. It’s about accepting the call of adventure, traveling with intention, and allowing the unknown to drive personal or professional growth.

Who is it for?

Transformational travel is for anyone looking to connect with themselves by experiencing the world. We understand that many of us travel when we are seeking something new in our lives, wondering what comes next, or celebrating a recent life accomplishment. Transformational travel is an opportunity to not only celebrate or break from these life milestones but to pause and reflect on their impact on our lives. If you are open to traveling with a purpose, engaging with your authentic self, and inspiring change through your experiences, transformational travel may be a good fit for you!

How does Evergreen Escapes inspire transformational travel?

We always start by asking a simple question – why? Why do you want to travel, why did you seek us out, and why might you be looking for change? Answering this question allows us to develop a pre-trip manifesto of your goals and outcomes, and to match you with a trip that fits your intentions.

Once we’ve discussed your goals and outcomes you can choose from two types of transformational travel – guided small group tours or personalized private journeys.

Guided Small Group Adventures

We believe that the best way to achieve personal transformation is in a professionally guided small group setting. That’s why we work with the expert guides at Muddy Shoe Adventures to offer transformational small group tours. These small group tours use group discussions, guided reflections, and adventure activities to help you uncover both the destination and yourself.

After your trip, we’ll help you create a plan to put your inspiration into action. We know that as you return to your everyday life it’s easy to discard your intentions and lapse into past routines. By proactively planning a reintegration strategy, we’ll help you stay accountable to yourself and remain focused on your goals!

Personalized Private Journeys

If you prefer to embark on your own, we will help you embrace your call of adventure with a personalized private journey. Whether it’s climbing to the snowy peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, journeying deep into the Amazon jungle or visiting a remote Himba village in Namibia – we’ll help curate experiences designed to send you into the unknown and challenge your perspectives. Along with your personalized adventure itinerary, you’ll have a series of pre- and post-trip consultation calls with the coaches at Muddy Shoe Adventures to craft your pre-trip manifesto and follow-up with an action plan after your journey.

Personalized Private Journeys
Three 60-minute coaching calls = $297 | 2 pre-trip calls and 1 post-trip call
Additional coaching calls available for $100 per 60-minute session

Pre-Trip Calls:

Call 1: What is calling you to this adventure? What do you you want to get out of this trip?
Call 2: Ways of Being — How do you need to be to reach those goals? What strategies can you implement, questions can you ask, and conversations can you have, to reach your desired outcome? In essence, how can you use this trip to transform your life?

Post-Trip Call:

Call 3: Reflection, Meaning-Making, and Action Planning: What happened? What did you learn? What’s changed? And what are you going to do about it?

Additional post-trip calls would include accountability sessions to assess how your plan is going, what’s working and what’s not, and how you can modify the plan or your actions to ensure you’re reaching your objectives!

Why is transformational travel important to Evergreen Escapes?

We believe transformational travel provides enriching explorations that nourish your soul and restore your sense of self. Our hope is that you can in turn use that renewed self and purpose to benefit the planet we inhabit, the community you live in, and the places you visit in the future.

The Transformational Travel Process – Based on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey

A four step process to transformation through the art of intentional travel.

  • Call of Adventure

    We believe the first step in any transformational journey is to identify what’s driving you to travel. We encourage you start with our Escape Questionnaire to help us determine your motivations to travel, desired outcomes, potential concerns, and desired destinations and experiences. The next step is a consultation call with one of our Escape Artists who will inquire deeper about the types of travel experiences that inspire you and help you find the right trip.

  • Mission & Manifesto

    Next, we work with you to establish your pre-trip manifesto. We’ll send you a curated destination guide of recommended music, articles, books, and more to help you learn about and connect with the people and places you will visit. We’ll also help you prepare yourself for an intentional adventure, establishing a sense of purpose for your trip and sharing strategies for staying centered and relishing the moment while on your journey. Our hope is that you can plan to engage in a digital detox – leaving the chaos of everyday life behind and immersing yourself in the local culture, nature, and people.

  • Embark & Engage

    Once on your trip, you’ll travel with intention and introspection, examining how your experience is shifting your perspectives and challenging your sensibilities. Transformational travel is about approaching your adventure with an open mind, heart, and soul – taking in the external and letting it impact your internal thoughts and address your challenges. On a guided adventure we’ll discuss these moments and work to find ways to incorporate them into sustained personal growth. On all of our journeys, we seek to inspire these transformative moments by fostering meaningful interactions with people and places, taking time for reflection and silence, and delivering authentic adventure and cultural experiences.

  • Return & Rebirth

    Your return is the time to reflect upon your experiences and assign meaning to your journey. We’ll engage in a follow-up meeting where we’ll discuss your realizations and develop an action plan for reintegrating into everyday life with a new sense of balance and a commitment to personal growth. Our ultimate wish is that you return feeling restored, with a fresh outlook on life and a new perspective on yourself and the world!