Having your own style is important – and when it comes to travel, we think “style” can mean many things. We relish the many different styles of travel our clients fancy; we love diversity. However, one thing that you’ll find consistent with our style, both in how we travel ourselves and the types of trips we design for our clients, is a firm commitment to responsible tourism.

We work with a wide variety of partners across the globe, and we make an effort to seek out and partner most closely with those who have a similar ethos to ours, and practice social and environmental responsibility. If this is something that is important to you, too, then we think you’ve found the right partner in travel.

  • Private Trips

    Flying solo or with your best travel buddy, and looking for an adventure quintessential to the destination, yet unique to your interests?

  • Luxury Escapes

    If you are looking for the ultimate all-inclusive wine-and-dine escape, we know the right people and have been to the right places.

  • Family Vacations

    It can be challenging to design an overseas trip that caters to multiple generations, but we've got a few tricks up our sleeve.

  • Group Travel

    Manage to rally a group of friends to travel overseas with you? Sounds like a blast. Let's make sure everything goes smoothly and they're still your friends after the adventure.

  • Small Cruises

    Going on a "cruise" doesn't have to mean hopping on a floating city with 4,000 other people and eating yourself silly.

  • Honeymoons

    For honeymooners and other hopeless romantics looking for adventure by day and romance by night.

  • Exploratory

    For our more adventurous clients looking to help seasoned EGE International Destination Specialists expand their knowledge and discover new places.

  • High Adventure

    There are a few of us here at EGE International that are adrenaline junkies. Ask nicely and we can help you feed the habit.

  • Special Interest

    Diehard birder? Insatiable foodie? Avid passport stamp collector? We can help.