7 Easy Hairstyles for Travelling by Plane

High Ponytail

While travelling, we generally do not bring our regular arsenal of items and styling equipment to ensure that each day is a lovely hair day. Backpack space is limited, mainly when we take flight! Fortunately, these straightforward hairstyles go from aircraft to out on the town only with slight touch-ups. Spend much less time shaping your hair and much more energy enjoying your vacation with these simple travel hairstyles. Following are seven easy hairstyles for travelling by plane:

Hairstyles for Travelling by Plane

Following are some hairstyle ideas for your next flight:

Bun with Hairband

The sloppy bun is our most comfortable and convenient aeroplane hairstyle because that requires only about 8 to 10 seconds to style (ideal for slightly earlier flights). Furthermore, this fast and straightforward hairstyle is indeed a chic method to conceal greasy roots. Once you reach your destination, add a dash of glamour with a glittery headband. A spray of Toppik hair Structural Fibers would also cover up any skin show-through, add density to locks which have dropped flat as well as help enhance your appearance.

Use A Scarf

The best method to transform messy hair into selfie-ready? Wear a silk scarf! A multicoloured scarf looks adorable and also has the added advantage of covering much of your hair. And, we love the thought of purchasing a scarf on holiday as a souvenir

Fishtail Braid

Braids make perfect, simple travel hairdos as they can inflict less breakage, unlike ponytails.  We admire the fishtail braid look because it seems complex, but its indeed an easy hairstyle. Firstly, split your hair into two parts. Take a tiny portion from outside the left part, fold it across the top of the left portion, and place it under the right portion. Repeat this move on the opposite side, folding a small strand of hair from the right side under the left side. Continue to rotate these procedures between the left and the right parts until all of the hair is braided, finally locked with a hair tie.

Français Braid

Are you heading to the seaside? Please try a singular or even double French braid. French braids keep each hair securely in place, ensuring that the hair remains tangle-free either in the water and on windy days. More, in the nighttime, you can remove your braid for seamlessly pleasant waves.

Ponytail HairstyleHigh Ponytail

Turn a typical cocktail into an aeroplane-ready shape by lifting it to the top of the head. This way, you’re not going to press the ponytail into the aeroplane backrest. Protect the ponytail with something like a scrunchie instead of an elastic hairband to prevent breakage.

Low Side Braiding

Bringing the braid to an edge ensures that your hair doesn’t brush against the base of your backrest. Furthermore, this aeroplane hairdo could not have been better! Just pull your hair to the left, tie it as well as protect it with a hair tie. Unless your hair is past the collarbone’s size, choose a bobby pin to protect the back and hold this side-shaped style in place.

Pineapple Ponytail Hairstyle

We like the travel-friendly look of curly-haired women. For a flawless pineapple ponytail, add the hair oil to both the edges to maintain the strands lubricated in flight, and protect the hair with knotted hair on top. Attach the scarf to get some extra pop of colour.