How to curl hair overnight with a sock?

curling hairs

Curling your hair is not easy, especially when you are a total beginner. Even thinking about curling your hair with an iron curler is dangerous if you don’t know how to use it effectively. We all know how much damage heat styling causes to our hairs. And yet our persistence to look good or to get a fresh look never stops. But what if I tell you there is a simple method which can give you good looking natural curls without damaging your hairs with heat. Sounds interesting right? It actually is.

Interestingly there is a viral hair curling trick surfacing on the internet. This trick involves wrapping your hairs around socks all night long. Yes, I know it sounds silly, but trust me this is doing wonders for people and you can curl hair overnight with a sock. And you know the good part about this is that it is perfectly natural and you will save your hairs from a lot of damage. Before moving into the ways to curl hair overnight, let’s first learn about why you should use socks curling over the normal iron curling.

How to curl hairs overnight with socks

After this crazy trick surfaced on the internet, many people have tried this curling technique. Not everyone was able to achieve perfect curls overnight. But with regular implementation achieving perfect curls is possible. So, without wasting any more time lets get right into all the ways to curl hair overnight:

Prerequisites to curl hair overnight with a sock

  • So, first of all, you will need around five to six socks which are not too thick. Make sure they are in proportion to the length of your hairs.
  • Thicker hairs need more division. If you have thicker hairs it is probably better to divide them into one or two more sections depending on their thickness.
  • Dampening your hair can help you achieve better curls. But make sure they are not too damp.
  • After this just brush your hair properly and get rid of any strands.

Step by step guide to curl hairs with a sock:

  • socksFirst, you have to divide your hairs into 4-6 sections depending on their thickness.
  • Then take one section and wrap your hair around the sock as tight as you can. Make sure the ends are free to tie after you are done.
  • Now you have to tie the ends to a firm not which can last all night long. This will help you maintain tight curls even when you’re moving around while sleeping.
  • That is all you have to do before you sleep. Now let’s see what you have to do after you wake-up.
  • After your awake, just gently remove the socks without being forceful.
  • Once the socks are removed, move your hands across the curls and break them-up.
  • That is all, with this you have now completed the process of curling hair overnight with a sock. With this, you will gain natural curly hairs without using any electronic equipment.

Why use socks over curling iron for curling hairs?

Although iron curling is a regular process and we use it more than often to get quick curls. This can cause a lot of damage to your hairs without professional care. Even though you can avoid such damage by following precautionary measures you cannot fix the damage it causes in the long-run. This is mainly why people should switch to curling hairs with socks. This is not only cost-saving but it saves your hairs from external damage and provides you with natural curls without spoiling your hairs.