7 Steps to DIY Balayage highlights at home

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Balayage is a French hairstyling technique here the term ‘Balayage’ means ‘to sweep’. It includes bleaching hair with mixed-blended highlights from the root giving it a more natural and graduated highlight effect.

It is also used for making your hairs look more natural. Women use balayage on their hairs to make them more subtle and noticeable.

Many women ask us for steps to DIY balayage highlights at home?

Don’t stress we will tell you easy steps for balayage highlights to do at home. It is possible by utilizing a Balayage highlight hair kit, and following few precautions while doing that. The methods for DIY Balayage highlight at home are as follows:

7 Steps to DIY Balayage highlights at home

  1. Section your hair

To section hair, use the ‘hot cross bun’ method; partition your hair into four areas by running a hairbrush or a comb down the middle of your head. After that run it in the opposite direction from the left ear to the right ear. You can then work with each hair strand at a time.

  1. Preparing the Balayage hair dye

Now, open your Balayage kit to prepare the dye. Never forget to wear hand gloves and apply hair-friendly lotion to your hairline to avoid stains.

  1. Dye your hair

Get your hairbrush and apply the hair color at its highest point ensuring the brush fibers are covered with hair color.

  1. Time to Balayage

Delicately use brush through the mid-lengths towards the closures of your hair on the two sides. Brush the color more thoroughly at the end of the hair and ensure the strokes are scattered while moving upwards.

Balayage highlights at home

  1. Repeat the process

Repeat the same process on the remaining excess areas. Ensure your Balayage begins at different points to avoid a plunge color look. If you feel there’s an excessive amount of product on a strand, wipe it out with your hand. And if you want some brighter hair strands just apply more Balayage.

  1. Brush your hair

As soon as you finish the whole dying process, brush your hair again to distribute the color evenly. As per the instructions given on the hair kit wash your hair after 20-50 minutes to get the desired hair color.

  1. Hairstyle

After washing your hair, it’s time to blow-dry your hair and set them. You can also apply hair-repairing oils, serums to protect them from damage. And that were 7 steps to DIY balayage highlights at home.