5 Tips to Pack Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Transporting hair accessories and jewelry reflects a spaghetti bowl, which may leave you curious about how to pack jewelry and hair accessories without getting tangled. A complicated mess of necklaces or hairbands might take several hours to fix—and who’s got the time for that? Clothing can break, ornaments can crumble, and your patience is going to be tested. Of the many moving tips and checklists that exist, there seems to be a lack of ways to organise jewelry and hair accessories for travel.

If you’re curious to know about how to pack necklaces, ornaments, and hair accessories before moving, holiday, or otherwise, we’ve got your pearls and pendants secured. Don’t let lousy planning ruin your spare parts! These hacks will allow you to keep your jewelry and hair accessories straight and tangle-free. Following are the 5 tips to pack jewelry and hair accessories without tangling:

  1. Using Tissue Rolls or Straws

Unscrew the necklace, thread either the end of the necklace inside until the opposite end of the necklace comes out. Re-clasp, eventually, and then you’re done! You must use one straw for every necklace. Still, suppose you use a tissue paper roll. In that case, you can fit multiple necklaces, hair accessories, and other jewelry that you have in a toilet paper roll. Only take the same measures you did with the straw. Toilet paper rolls are also suitable for thicker necklaces that won’t fit inside a drinking straw. You may also use toilet paper for each hair accessory separately.

  1. Place in Your Sandwich Bags

Here’s yet another example of a double-duty dining system. Put each object in a sandwich bag of your own. To avoid kinking, ensure that jewelry and hair accessories are held tightly and wrapped in a paper towel or tissue paper. Consider placing each small bag in a large sealed plastic bag to hold everything together. It will also avoid the loss of your precious and tiny objects.

  1. Plastic Hangers Bundle

Plastic hangers are great for holding necklaces and jewelry as well as hair accessories. Wrap the necklace all around the bottom rings of the hanger. Finally, to pack your necklaces without getting tangled, put each hanger inside a thin luggage compartment.

  1. hair accessoriesCover from Plastic Wrap

Format a wide enough sheet to cover a midsized bowl or small enough to cover both sides. Then fold the plastic wrap and tie the two ends together; long items like necklaces, bracelets, hair bands, and other similar items can be packed this way. The plastic wrap’s flighty grip holds any jewelry piece in place, and even the hair accessories can be wrapped inside it.

  1. Try Trays

Any compartment tray will function, including those built to carry office supplies or kitchenware. These trays serve the same purpose for jewelry and hair accessories—to keep them apart but together. When all the parts have been filled, cover the entire tray in plastic wrap. These trays and compartments can be made using cardboard, too, if you don’t have any previously.