5 Ways to Keep Hair Out of Face While Diving

hair under the mask

Dealing with long hair may create annoyance during diving, though It doesn’t sound like a major concern. Many of you may have tried several things, and tried every possible hairstyle.

Let’s have quick a look at why it is important to control your hair while diving.

  • The tangled long hair floating in front of a diver’s field affects their vision.
  • The mask may move due to the loose hair under the mask strap which can cause leakage of a fitting mask during the dive.

5 Ways to Keep Hair Out of Face While Diving

Here are 5 useful ways to keep hair out of the face while diving:

  1. Scuba Diving Hoodies

Scuba diving hoodies are the absolute winner amongst all of the tricks to keep hair off the face when diving. Neoprene Hoods work with all lengths of hair.

It also works well for divers with short to medium hairs. People with long hair have to make a tight bun at the top of their head so that it works well. A good is the best option as it confines hair sliding, making it less tangled.

  1. French Braids

Besides all, French braids are one of the most preferred hair protections that keep hair off face when diving. It is famous because it’s harder to untie. Moreover, this is the best option of wrapping hair to prevent them from sliding so that the musk couldn’t get affected.

There is a limitation of wearing a braid as the hair tends to be tangled in water. It becomes pretty hard to make your hair undo from saltwater, so you must rinse it before you do it.

  1. Head Scarves

Wearing headscarves might not seem like a good idea but it works very well at times. Headscarves are commonly made with bandana type material, the side-striped fabric covers your head from the top and down, behind the nape of the neck.

keep hair out of face

Many of the divers don’t prefer to wear them due to their tendency to slip.

  1. Pigtails

Another great way to keep hair out of face while diving is by making pigtails. Divide your hair into two braids and make sure the braids are firm. Your hair will be lesser tangled with this particular way of protection. It demands a little more time and effort than the French braid does.

  1. Ponytail

Do not wear or make ponytails. It is the worst hairstyle you can choose while diving amongst all. It creates an easy mess in the hair, especially in wavy hairs. Pro-tip, hair gets sticky when it comes near saltwater so make sure you keep them away from seawater.